Singing Makes it Better

by Formidable Vegetable



Sometimes all you can do to make it better it sing.


Well I know that you're down
Just feeling like you can't get up
And I just wanna offer a little bit of love
Now, I don't really know what to do but I hope that singing makes it better, oh yeah.

Singing makes it better when you've got a broken heart
Singing makes it better when everything's falling apart
If you've got the blues
Just bust out a tune
Cos singing makes it better oh yeah

I’m trying to remind you these times aren’t forever
And the pieces we’ll find and put back together
But for now here’s something to help you get through, yeah
Singing makes it better, oh yeah.
That’s right…

When you’ve got the good juju, share it around
Just pick a little tune, you can sing it out loud
Cos spreading that love is so easy to do
and singin’ makes it better oh yeah.

Singing makes it better when you’ve got a broken heart
And singing makes it better
When the whole world is falling apart
Sometimes there’s just nothing left to do
But singing makes it better
Yeah singing makes it better
I said singing makes it better
Even in this crazy weather
Well, singing makes it better, oh yeah!


released February 28, 2019
Written by Charlie Mgee & Formidable Vegetable
Recorded at the JB Compound, Fremantle; Hairy Back Marron Studio, Margaret River; Max Sound, Fremantle & Chez Mal, St Kilda.
Mixed by James Newhouse at Real2Reel, Bunbury, WA.
Mastered by William Bowden in Launceston, TAS.

Charlie Mgee: ukulele, drums, vocals
Mal Webb: piano
Kylie Morrigan: violin
Mayuka Juber: clarinet
Jeff Harold: double bass




Formidable Vegetable Fremantle, Australia

Permaculture funk-swing for a changing world.

With a wheelbarrow full of dirty electro radish-beets, crusty jazz ukulele, swingin' strings and hyperactive horns, Formidable Vegetable are here to sow the garden of your mind with seeds of future-resilience in the funkiest way possible.

"So infectious that the most ardent climate sceptic would have trouble staying still"- Sydney Morning Herald.
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