A bangin’ party track about working from patterns to details, ‘revegetated’ to include old-school antique brass and vintage manouche cuts over top of stompin’ electroswing-house beets.


I wake up every morning
Every night I go to bed
Like everybody, I was born and
Like everybody, someday I’ll be dead

Like the sun arising
and the sun going down
It’s all working to a pattern
that keeps the whole thing going round

Always in patterns
that keep coming around, around, around
It’s the way it happens
They keep going around, around, around

Gotta see the bigger picture
before looking at the small
If you can’t see the forest for the trees
then you’re not really seeing at all

Before you do anything
gotta know how it’s done
Work from a pattern to the details
you’ll be halfway there before you’ve even begun

Around, around, around
They’ll tell you what you need to know
from what the weather’s doing, if there’s rain a-brewing
to how to make your garden grow

We can rely on patterns
and you can learn them faster
Train your brain to retain them.
Become a pattern master

Like a tessellated tamarillo
or a spiral full of herbs
or Fibonacci geometry in broccoli
or all of these rhyming words

It really blows my mind
The way it’s all designed
Oh no, I’m not religious
but it’s prodigious
All these patterns in this world of mine.

Everythings in patterns
In a dynamic relationship
with the answers at your fingertip
Life is just one big mobius trip

Woah, if you can disprove patterns
well I’ll eat my hat and
make my habitat into a room full of padding in downtown Ballarat and just talk in scat:

Like that.


from Radish Beets - Remix Album, released July 10, 2015
Produced by Charlie Mgee & Jim Moynihan.
Charlie Mgee: Ukulele, vocals, synth.


all rights reserved



Formidable Vegetable Sound System Fremantle, Australia

Experimental ‘ecological edutainment’ based around the principles of permaculture (a neat way to fix the world) mashing together ukulele with some electro-funk-swing, climate-change reggae, post-apocalypso and a decent serving of 'Radish Beets'.

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