• Fungi are some of the most important living things on Earth.

• ‘Fungi’ just means more than one fungus.

• They are like the ‘internet of the forest’, keeping plants and microscopic animals connected to each other in ways that help them all to grow.

• Mushrooms are only the fruiting part of a fungus. Most of a fungus is made up of a huge spongy web of fine threads called ‘mycelium’
(which kinda sounds like “my-silly-arm”) and mostly lives underground
or in dead wood.

• Mycelium can stretch for miles and attach itself to all kinds of things from dead wood and rocks to living plant roots and micro-organism colonies.
This is how the fungus eats, but it can also use its mycelium to share food around to other living things connected to it! How generous is that!?

• It is believed that the biggest living thing on the planet is a honey fungus
in Oregon, USA that stretches for two miles!


People say I’m a fun guy
but that’s more than what I am
you can call me Fun Gus
come underground to my pad to jam
There’s not mushroom down there,
But we’ve got mycelium
I wanna wrap mycelium around ya
Til super-kingdom come

I wanna wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya

Well you know funghi like me
need a bit of fun gal company
I’m gonna decompose you a love song
‘Symbiosis’ in the key of G

And when I party,
you know I love to break it down
Eatin dead wood tastes so good.
And you know I’m gonna share it round

I wanna wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya


from Grow Do It - Album, released September 2, 2016
Charlie Mgee: ukulele & vocals
Mal Webb: trombone, slide trumpet & gourd bass
Kylie Morrigan: violin
Michael Barker: drums
Alex Burkoy: electric guitar

Written by Charlie Mgee & Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

Recorded at: Twisty Pole Studios - Rotorua, NZ & Casa-del-Mal - St Kilda, VIC.

Produced by Spoonbill & Charlie Mgee.
Mixed & mastered by Spoonbill in King Lake, VIC.

Thanks to Paul Stamets and Jaide & Daniel Stronggrove for inspiring this one!

Music copyright © 2016 ORiGiN Music Publishing.
For use, please contact: pmortlock@albertmusic.com


all rights reserved



Formidable Vegetable Sound System Fremantle, Australia

Experimental ‘ecological edutainment’ based around the principles of permaculture (a neat way to fix the world) mashing together ukulele with some electro-funk-swing, climate-change reggae, post-apocalypso and a decent serving of 'Radish Beets'.

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