Mycelium Around Ya

from Grow Do It - Album by Formidable Vegetable

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• Fungi are some of the most important living things on Earth.

• ‘Fungi’ just means more than one fungus.

• They are like the ‘internet of the forest’, keeping plants and microscopic animals connected to each other in ways that help them all to grow.

• Mushrooms are only the fruiting part of a fungus. Most of a fungus is made up of a huge spongy web of fine threads called ‘mycelium’
(which kinda sounds like “my-silly-arm”) and mostly lives underground
or in dead wood.

• Mycelium can stretch for miles and attach itself to all kinds of things from dead wood and rocks to living plant roots and micro-organism colonies.
This is how the fungus eats, but it can also use its mycelium to share food around to other living things connected to it! How generous is that!?

• It is believed that the biggest living thing on the planet is a honey fungus
in Oregon, USA that stretches for two miles!


People say I’m a fun guy
but that’s more than what I am
you can call me Fun Gus
come underground to my pad to jam
There’s not mushroom down there,
But we’ve got mycelium
I wanna wrap mycelium around ya
Til super-kingdom come

I wanna wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya

Well you know funghi like me
need a bit of fun gal company
I’m gonna decompose you a love song
‘Symbiosis’ in the key of G

And when I party,
you know I love to break it down
Eatin dead wood tastes so good.
And you know I’m gonna share it round

I wanna wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya
wrap mycelium around ya


from Grow Do It - Album, released September 2, 2016
Charlie Mgee: ukulele & vocals
Mal Webb: trombone, slide trumpet & gourd bass
Kylie Morrigan: violin
Michael Barker: drums
Alex Burkoy: electric guitar

Written by Charlie Mgee & Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

Recorded at: Twisty Pole Studios - Rotorua, NZ & Casa-del-Mal - St Kilda, VIC.

Produced by Spoonbill & Charlie Mgee.
Mixed & mastered by Spoonbill in King Lake, VIC.

Thanks to Paul Stamets and Jaide & Daniel Stronggrove for inspiring this one!


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Formidable Vegetable Fremantle, Australia

Permaculture funk-swing for a changing world.

With a wheelbarrow full of dirty electro radish-beets, crusty jazz ukulele, swingin' strings and hyperactive horns, Formidable Vegetable are here to sow the garden of your mind with seeds of future-resilience in the funkiest way possible.

"So infectious that the most ardent climate sceptic would have trouble staying still"- Sydney Morning Herald.
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