WARNING: Many weeds are not edible and some can be poisonous!

If you’re with someone who knows what they are doing, however,
here are some that you CAN eat:

Dandelion (leaves and roots!) – Bitter young leaves often used in French salads. Roots are good for roasting and brewing into a tea.

Nettle – Yummm…OUCH! Don’t get stung! Great in soup & pie.

Blackberries – Sweet treats usually found in cool, wet places.

Nasturtium – Spicy edible flowers & leaves!

Chickweed – Tender lettucey flavour. Beware: chickweed looks a lot like another weed, Spurge (with white sap), which is not edible!

A “weed” is just a plant we haven’t found a use for yet!


Did you ever think a weed
could be something you can eat?
Let me tell you bout some eatin’ weeds I know
You can munch them all day long
While you’re singing this weed song
Cos they’re growing almost everywhere you go

I’ve been known to succumb to Nasturtium
Root of dandelion drying for my tea
I’m gonna pluck myself some chickweed
And sprinkle it with flickweed
I’ll even add some seaweed
if I’m living by the sea


Well nothing makes me whistle
like a salad with Milk Thistle
Rockin’ rolla Gotu Kola in the lawn
Yeah I ramble in the brambles,
leaning over for the Clover
If I lived with you your weeds would be all gone.

Where it’s wetter you can bet I’ll
Cook me up some stinging nettle
It tastes better with some feta in a pie
Or else I may just settle
for some sorrel or some fennel
C’mon why don’t you just give them all try?


Just because it’s called a weed
doesn’t mean that it is bad
Find out if it can feed you
or do something that is rad

Because a weed is any plant
that grows really really well
So well it make some people rant
‘n rave ’n swear ‘n curse ’n yell

But did you ever… CHORUS


from Grow Do It - Album, released September 2, 2016
Charlie Mgee: ukulele & vocals
Mal Webb: trombone, slide trumpet & gourd bass
Kylie Morrigan: violin
Michael Barker: drums

Written by Charlie Mgee & Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

Recorded at: Twisty Pole Studios - Rotorua, NZ & Casa-del-Mal - St Kilda, VIC.

Produced by Spoonbill & Charlie Mgee.
Mixed & mastered by Spoonbill in King Lake, VIC.

Thanks to Dave Mann & Bec Schofield for inspiring this one!

Music copyright © 2016 ORiGiN Music Publishing.
For use, please contact: pmortlock@albertmusic.com


all rights reserved



Formidable Vegetable Sound System Fremantle, Australia

Experimental ‘ecological edutainment’ based around the principles of permaculture (a neat way to fix the world) mashing together ukulele with some electro-funk-swing, climate-change reggae, post-apocalypso and a decent serving of 'Radish Beets'.

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